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About the FPL Jingle

Howdy and welcome to the FPL Jingle! A show where 2 good friends sit down each week to have the craic and discuss everything fantasy football related.

We share with you the listener all the news and tips to help bring you from the relegation battle all the way to title contender. We’ll have special segments such as 3 bankers and an outside bet where we give you our best tips for each week as well as having special guests on to provide us with a different angle on things.

So sit back, relax, maybe crack open a drink and join us on the hilarious roller-coaster of a ride that is being a fantasy football manager. The FPL Jingle, sounds like fantasy.

About Stephen

Hi, I’m Stephen Meiselbach, and you may know me from such podcasts as the FPL Jingle! When I’m not busy researching, recording, editing and uploading the podcast (thanks for the help Eoin) I like to unwind from the pod and FPL by watching my beloved Arsenal which in truth only adds to my levels of both stress and depression! A real 2 for 1 combo. But in all honesty, I hope you have as much fun listening to the podcast as much as I do making it. We want it to feel like you’re just 1 of the lads on the couch with us having a bit of banter as we try and find fantasy gold!

About Eoin

Howdy, this is Eoin Conheady, Chelsea fan and cohost of The FPL Jingle. I’m an engineer living in Eindhoven. My hobbies include winding up Steve and recording it on a podcast for you to enjoy. Draft FPL has consumed my life for the past 5 years, One win and two runner-ups to show for it. In college I hosted 2 radio shows, since then I’ve been looking to return to content creation. My favorite part of the podcast is clipping together funny soundbites so stay tuned. I’m delighted you’ve stopped by and hope you enjoy the podcast.

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